Anti Bark Electric Dog Training Collar Rechargeable LCD Display 1600ft Pet Remote


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Dog Collar Electric Dog Training Collar Rechargeable LCD Display for Pet Remote Training Collar Ошейник для дрессировки собак


1. The receiver is IP7 waterproof, high-quality ABS material, can swim, bathe, and dive.



2. Blue LCD screen display, green work indicator, silver or orange panel.

3. The remote control distance is about 800 meters

4. With lithium battery, rechargeable

5. ABS material receiver and waterproof

6. Can target multiple dogs

7. The sound is not adjustable, the electric shock is 16 levels, the static level of the receiver can be adjusted, and the vibration level is 8 levels. You can adjust the strength according to your pet’s personality and size

8. The dog collar has a digital automatic code matching memory function, which will not be interfered by similar products from neighbors

Function Description

1. Function: Vibration + electric shock + warning sound

2. Power supply mode: Both the remote control and the receiver are charged, and the receiver is magnetically charged, which is simple and fast.

3. Charging time: Charge for 2-3 hours, and it will be fully charged, not too long. Under normal circumstances, the receiver will release current quickly, and when the battery is low, it will emit a beep warning sound. Charge it in time and try not to wait until there is no electricity. If the battery voltage is too low, it will be extremely easy to damage, causing the receiver battery to be unable to charge.

4. How to use the remote control:

1) LCD digital display function: easy to operate, display sound, vibration, electric shock, electric shock warning prompts, receiver battery power display and other functional symbols.

2) Adjust the intensity of pulse electric shock from 0-16 gears, 0-8 vibration intensity, use different intensities to train pets, and choose from weak to strong.

3) The remote control has a power saving function. When not in use, it will automatically enter the shutdown state in about 5 minutes.

4) The effective distance of remote control is 800 meters when there are no interference obstacles at the seaside.

5) The remote control adopts high-end transmission technology, no need to directly aim at the receiver. The remote control signal can penetrate obstacles such as walls, but the obstacles will affect the effective distance of the remote control.

6) One remote control can control multiple receivers at the same time, press CH key to switch, select dog 1: control the first one, select dog 2: control the other one.

9) The battery symbol is flashing when the remote control is charging, and the receiver is breathing bright when charging.

5. How to use the receiver:

1) The receiver and the remote control need to be coded to work. Generally, when we send out, we will check the code for the customer first. The code matching method is: press the power button to turn on the receiver, and then keep pressing the power button, the blue light will stay on for 5 seconds and enter the flashing state. At this time, press the electric shock, vibration or sound of the remote control within 10 seconds , Any key to complete the code matching, if you don’t press it again within 10 seconds, you need to repeat the above work.

2) Two receivers can work at the same time, and can also be converted into a single control work. Follow the pairing method to pair the receiver to complete.

3) The receiver has a power-saving function. When the receiver is stationary, it will automatically power off for 15 seconds, and it will save power and save energy during sleep.

5) The receiver should be placed under the dog’s neck (throat), adjust the tightness of the collar, the collar should be able to reach a finger, not too loose, otherwise the electric shock screw contacts will not touch the skin, which will seriously affect the use effect ;

6. Test of the trainer:

(1) During the test, please adjust the vibration and shock parameters of the remote control to 16 respectively, and turn on the receiver switch;

(2) When testing vibration, directly press the vibration button on the remote control, and the receiver can vibrate;

(3) When testing the electric shock, put the test lamp on the two conductive posts of the receiver, and press the electric shock button directly on the remote control to find that the small diode light glows;

(4) If the above phenomenon does not occur during the test, it may be that the remote control and the receiver have not been successfully coded or adjusted to the correct channel. Please re-code.

Seven, pet recommendations

(1) Each dog has different resistance and sensitivity. When using the electric shock function of this dog trainer, it is recommended that customers try from the lowest gear and gradually adjust to the gear that the dog is afraid of. The warning tone is fixed and cannot be adjusted to a higher or lower level.

(2) Electric shock is a punitive measure, vibration and warning sound belong to the reminder function. When the dog first started using it, the dog didn’t know that the electric shock was a punishment for its training, and it might even be at a loss and fear. Because it doesn’t know why it is exposed to electricity or vibration; after a while, the dog will gradually adapt. Use electric shocks, vibrations, and warning sounds together, and punish dogs as little as possible.

(3) At the initial stage of use, it is recommended that the owner give effective training and comfort to the dog, and can use food-assisted training to help the dog understand and get used to it, and achieve the use effect faster.

(4) If you have any questions or other questions, please contact us in time, hoping to help you solve your problems.

8. Matters needing attention:

After the dog wears the receiver, it will be a little uncomfortable at first. It is necessary to prevent individual dogs from biting and destroying the receiver.












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